#The Snow Leopard Trail

When I was packing my luggage with trepidation and uncertainty, considering that this was my very first adventure trip, I could only think of cold weathers, lifestyle changes, food troubles, stomach troubles and not to mention elusive wild creatures.  I asked myself “Why did I plan this trip?” I should have probably stayed with a small trek around Mumbai. But, in my heart I knew that I wanted to do something very different. I wanted to get away from the city and challenge myself to achieve something that I had not done so far. Reminding myself of this, I set …

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The Snow Leopard Trail Experience with The Road Less Travelled, TRLT

Snow Leopard Adventure

FEBRUARY 11, 2017, 12.00 noon: CHANDIGARH AIRPORT The aircraft had just landed. I switched on my telephone waiting for the barrage of messages &whatsapps that bombard you if your phone has been on flight mode for a while. My phone rang. It was Vinayta, the representative from ‘The Road Less Travelled’. “Welcome to Chandigarh”she said. “We are waiting at the arrival area for you. Do call us as you exit”. A FEW WEEKS AGO As I was waiting at the conveyor belt for my luggage to come through, my mind wandered back a few weeks. A friend of mine had …

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