And so we continue……. In Leh, the early mornings remind me of this amazing brown doughnut topped with blue and white icing. I used to wonder if I could just bite into it, so that I could savour the succulent brown mountains and landscape topped with the bluest of blue skies and specks of cloud. This was my view from my beautiful room at Grand Dragon, on our first day at Leh. Having decided to start our day a little late, we all gathered for a late breakfast that comprised of a complete indian & international spread.  We had two …

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Add Life To Life with Adrenaline Rush

The Road Less Travelled

There are people who just can’t imagine their lives without adventure and then there are people who just can’t go for it even if they are dying to go for it. If you think that the second type of human race hates adventure then that’s so not true. There are only two types of people – one who loves adventure and the second who fears adventure. No matter which type you belong to, you should fall in love with the adrenaline rush and experience it as frequently as you can. Why? Because it improves the quality of your life. Wonder …

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