Interview with Maheka Shankar

Maheka is eight years of age and is a student at Shishuvan School, Matunga, Mumbai. She was one of the team members who trekked along ‘The Trail of the Pandavas’ organized by The Road Less Travelled in July 2017. Lets hear what she has to say about this seven-day trek that she went on, along with her father.

Qs. Hi Maheka, Welcome. How does it feel to be one of the youngest person’s to have trekked on the trail of the Pandavas?

Ans. I feel very excited because I was the youngest child to go on this trek. Even in my class, I was the youngest and the only child to go for such a long trek on the Himalayas.

Qs. Was this your first trek?

Ans. No, my first trek was last year, when I went to Sandakphu in the Himalayas, with my father.

Qs. Which trek did you like more?

Ans. I liked the Trail of the Pandavas more because there were more people and it was a lot of fun. We could play and drink natural spring water.

Qs. What did you like the best about The Trail of the Pandavas?

Ans. I liked when we walked 12kms all the way from Seri to Panduropa to Chikka and back to Jagatsukh city. On the way, there were a lot of adventurous things that we did. We played hide-and-seek behind a gigantic rock, and when it started raining we sat in a small hole in a tree and it was so much fun. We also saw a snake shaped flower and we played antakshri with clues. For example, for the song ‘galti se mistake’ I would hum the song and mention the actor’s name. The other person will then have to guess the song.

Qs. What did you eat while you were walking so much?

I ate a lot of stuff like spinach cheese sandwich, lemonade from the natural spring water as well mutter-paneer, motichoor ladoo and fried rice. I love good food and I had a great time eating in this trek.

Qs. What was your most difficult part of the trek?

Ans. For me, the most difficult part of the trek was when we had to step on rocks that were on gooey-mud and mulch. If we put too much of weight on the rock, then there are chances that the rock would sink. So we had to be very careful.

Qs. What was the most memorable part of this trek for you?

Ans. The most memorable part of the trek was in Seri when we saw snow and I was dancing on the snow. Secondly, in Chikka I fell sick and due to less oxygen my whole body ached a lot. But I recovered the next day with all the love and help from my friends and continued the rest of the trek reaching Panduropa.

Qs. Sounds like you had a great time and also some tough times. My last question therefore is, will you go for another trek?

Ans. Surely, I will, with all my best friends like Sanvi, Rashi and Nidhi. I would literally love to come back with mom and dad first, only then I will think of taking my friends.




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