March of Eve – A Mesmerizing Experience

Our regular followers know what March of Eve was all about but for the newbies, here is what it was:

So, comes March and we were in a mood to celebrate Women and Womanhood. We then decided to organize a trek dedicated only to all the ladies out there. The first question that popped in our minds was where do we take these ladies for a trek? Where would we find a place where they could distress and forget even their home sweet home for a while? After scratching our heads, we decided to explore Himalayas – Where there is Shiva, there has to be peace, right? So, our destination was decided – The Beas Kund in the Kullu Valley, the heart of the Western Himalayas.

Since the trek was organized on the occasion of International Women’s Day, making these women feel special was our priority. At home, they are the ones busy giving each and every family member a royal treatment. Now, it was their turn to – Be Royal, Feel Royal! ‘Luxury’ was hence something we could not compromise on. Here is what all we offered to all the princesses who showed faith in us and decided to distress with a trek and not at a spa:

  1. Stay at luxury resorts in Manali
  2. Stay in brand new alpine tents during the trek
  3. Supply of brand new alpine sleeping bags with fleece inners and air mattresses during the trek
  4. Team of chefs to provide 3 course customized hot meals, 4 times a day through the trip
  5. Porters were provided to carry the luggage
  6. Astronomy experts to introduce ladies to the world of stars
  7. An advance team who travelled ahead of the travelers to welcome them to the location

The challenge was to provide these ladies with fresh, piping hot food in the Himalayas – They take up the challenge of serving fresh, healthy food to family members every day, so why shouldn’t we? But in the Himalayas? Yes, in the Himalayas. And the ladies looked quite happy with ‘being served’ – a luxury in itself, isn’t it?

Let us now see what the women who joined us for the trek has to say about the experience:

One of our travellers, Mrs. Niki says that she has left her son behind and did not miss him for a single moment. Now that is where we get our receipt of success from. That doesn’t come easily from a Mother but we are proud that we achieved what we aimed for. With TRLT, women did have some serious fun.

Parul, another traveller who always wanted to experience a trek chose us for her first trekking experience. Speaking about the trip and the experience, she believes that reaching the peak and witnessing the shivling was a blissful and mesmerizing experience. Thanking the TRLT team for keeping the ladies happy and smiling throughout the trip, she said that this trip is the one she would cherish for lifetime.

Another traveller said that it’s a dream come true for her and the experience was ‘out-of-the-world.’ She also believes that the trek was ‘Luxurious’ and no other word than ‘Amazing’ can describe the journey.

We just hope that we can keep bringing smiles on our travellers’ faces and add nothing but ‘happiness’ and ‘luxury’ to their lives through our treks, tours, and trips. We would also like to thank all the ladies who made this The Road Less Travelled’s March of Eve a successful event. Thank for joining us and thank you for co-operating. It was a wonderful experience for the TRLT team as well.


  1. Dr Taruna says:

    Having wanderlust in my blood I have travelled wide and to different lands mostly alone!The concept of ‘the March of Eve ‘ seems very enticing
    One word to describe this trek is

    1. trlt_admin says:

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂
      Join us for March of Eve’19

    2. trlt_admin says:

      Hey, Thank you so much for your motivational words.
      Join us for March Of Eve-2020

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