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Flashback: It was certainly a recurring dream that could not be ignored anymore. Except, that this was not just a dream while asleep, it started becoming a driving force every single day. That is what Shankar Ganesh, Co-founder of The Road Less Travelled felt for five months before he decided to put pen to paper, rubber to the road, trekking bags to the hills or whatever it took to set the ball rolling. That is how ‘The Roadless Travelled’ was born, one fine morning in October 2016.

Mr. Shankar Ganesh,Flashback

Going in the flashback, TRLT is a concept, which has emerged from a true passion for adventure travel. The name was coined after moving through several crevices of the brain, to identify the right words that could describe new experiences. The question that drove Shankar and Vinayta’s (Vinayta Raheja, Co-founder – The Roadless Travelled) mind through the conceptualization phase was “How do we create a memorable experience without compromising on comforts and luxury?” That is probably one of the reason’s why TRLT is one among the very few companies who are remembered not just for the location explorations, but also notably for their finer execution expertise. With Shankar and Vinayta at the helm of affairs, luxury, safety, and experience, became the theme for the company.

Vinayta Raheja, Flashback

Shankar is an avid trekker himself, and Vinayta is a travel enthusiast with all three eyes on execution. While Shankar thrives on socializing, Vinayta is high on detailing and while Shankar creates visions, Vinayta is a strong force who strategically thinks through feasibility. Apart from being a platform for regular travel and adventure lovers to try something new, the founders of TRLT had an inert desire to provide an experiential avenue especially for those who are first-time adventure travelers.

Vinayta Raheja, Flashback

“The true test of travel is in finding the traveler in each one of us.”

A wise statement, which was probably what led to the phenomenal success of their program ‘March of Eve’, which saw many women trekking together and celebrating the feminine, some of them for the first time, in an all women’s trek in 2017. Similarly, the flagship Snow-Leopard Drive’ witnessed people taking their first step in the direction of adventure travel.

March Of Eve, Flashback

Snow Leopard, Flashback

Flashback Experiences:

Wow! what a flashback – this is what some of them had to say!!

“I never dreamed of trekking, and that too in the snow. TRLT has given me one of the best experiences of my life.”

“This is my first adventure holiday. Two reasons to drive me were my fascination for wildlife and my desire to take that step and explore something different. And I never thought I would see three snow leopards on my first trip. What a treat!”

“My daughter and I traveled for this all women’s trek. Both of us were trekking for the first time. The comfort and attention to details bowled us over. And to add to that, what a variety of food. That was something I did not expect. Superb.”

Best Food, Flashback

Three years now, and a long exciting journey ahead for the TRLT team. There have been amazing experiences and several changes to the routes created for many fellow travelers. From single person travels to group travels, from open adventure trips to customized travel plans, from drives to treks, from children to the Baby Boomers, TRLT has created something for all.

The Snow Leopard Trail, Flashback

“We want to build the love for self-exploration through travel. It may seem ambitious, but we are excited and determined. Come! join us on our next adventure. See you there.”

Shankar Ganesh & Vinayta Raheja

Co-founders – The Road Less Travelled


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To know more about The Road Less Travelled, you could visit them at or give them a shout – Shankar Ganesh (+91 9821020317) or Vinayta Raheja (+91 98203 69058)





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