‘Travel’ without Compromising on the ‘Luxury’

Bond with the mountains

Travel isn’t just another social media fad. If you look at travel the way we do, you would agree that it’s a necessity. It’s an ‘experience’ that you cherish for lifetime. The experience that’s going to stay with you for a lifetime hence has to be special and extraordinary.

There is a huge number out there who dreams of travelling but eventually gives up on the idea as they are either:
1. Scared of stepping out of their comfort zone, or
2. Fear the negative experiences that come with unplanned trips

When you are travelling with The Road Less Travelled, be assured that you will get the best of the place you are travelling to along with only the positive experience and happy memories. And what about stepping out of the comfort zone? Well, join us for a tour and let us know whether it makes you do anything that you are uncomfortable doing.

Why make TRLT your travel partner?

Here are some of the key reasons why you should make The Road Less Travelled your travel partner:

  1. Uncommon Destinations

When it comes to exploring India, the destinations are fixed. Kerala, Himalayas, Shimla, Kashmir are some of the very common names. At TRLT, we constantly look for places which are yet to be explored. And even if we take a tour to the common destinations, the places we take our travellers are always different.

  1. Safety, Luxury, and Authenticity

The Road Less Travelled trips are a rare combination of safety, luxury, and authenticity.  Why is it a rare combination? Our recent tours to different parts of the country – ‘The Drive to Discover,’ ‘The March of Eve,’ and ‘The Snow Leopard Trail’ did not just shed light on the adventurous and exotic side of life but also made sure that the travellers are safe and while on the journey, they just enjoy the experience without worrying about the food, stay, and other necessities. Having said that, just like every other traveller does, our travellers too got to experience the local culture and enjoy local cuisine to the fullest.

  1. Walk, Hike, Trek, Swim, or Drive

We have different tours planned for different kind of explorers. We understand that not every traveller who loves trekking would also love river rafting and not every individual who loves wildlife would also be interested in spirituality. On our website, under the ‘Explore Our India’ section, you will find tours segregated in the following categories:
a. Walking Adventure
b. Water Adventure
c. Road Adventure
d. Wildlife Adventure
e. Wellness and Spiritual Adventure
f. Arts and Culture

If you are looking for a particular type of event, you can find it listed under the suitable category.

  1. No compromise on the ‘Luxury’

Frank Lloyd Wright has said, ‘Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.’ We agree with him. But isn’t it better if while travelling luxury meets your requirement of basic necessities as well? No compromise at all.

On International Women’s Day, an exclusive all women trek was organized to Beas Kund, a place located in the heart of the Western Himalayas. Even if it was a trip to a place like Himalayas, there was no compromise on the luxury. The accommodation was arranged in luxury resorts where the travellers could recharge their batteries and enjoy the next day with a fresh mind and not drained energy. There was also a team of chefs that provided 3 course customized hot meals, 4 times a day throughout the trip. During the trek, brand new alpine sleeping bags with fleece inners and air mattresses were provided.

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