Are you always in search of tracks where you could cycle without being stuck in traffic or lock horns with pollution? Ever felt the need to exchange the coughing city vehicles with the green lungs of nature’s scenic beauties? We are here to take you away on a mountain biking adventure which will not only open your mind to astounding natural splendours but also give you fresh fitness goals. 
Mountain biking in India is very therapeutic as it compels you to concentrate on the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t miss your gym routine just because you’re on holiday. Take a mountain biking trip through the toughest or easiest terrains in India, depending on what you’re up for!

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12 Days

Welcome to THE NOMAD TRAIL where we take you into SPITI VALLEY, to a life - of exploration, of a new experience, a new vista & a new perspective each day.  The only stability here is the promise of a certain pattern to the uncertain chaos of life - The pattern of Exploration & Luxury Nomading at all times.

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