Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ moment with your friends? Road journeys are one of the best and most comfortable modes of travelling. A car full of your favourite people and a beautiful destination to look forward to, is something everyone needs once in a while. With our road trip adventure events, there is a plan to suit every need. Whether you want to do a classic Mumbai-Goa journey by car, or a longer, arduous one measuring the length of the country with your biker boys, we guide you to and through the best possible destinations in India. We also make sure you experience something unique in each and every place you visit.

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6 Days

The Road Less Travelled presents to you 'DRIVE TO DISCOVER' - a self drive journey where you re-discover the hidden ability within you that encourages you to explore new roads, new cultures, new types of food & above all new experiences.

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12 Days

Welcome to THE NOMAD TRAIL where we take you into SPITI VALLEY, to a life - of exploration, of a new experience, a new vista & a new perspective each day.  The only stability here is the promise of a certain pattern to the uncertain chaos of life - The pattern of Exploration & Luxury Nomading at all times.

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9 Days

The Road Less Travelled proudly announces TRAIL OF THE SNOW LEOPARD SEASON 3!!!

Trail will take you to the breathtaking Spiti Valley in search of this feline.

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