About Walking Adventure

Walking is possibly the oldest form of transportation and we believe, the most ideal for exploration. A journey on foot forces you to slow down and get up close and personal with your destination. It allows you to get your hands dirty and connect with the ground reality. On a walking adventure, the sights and sounds become more tangible and the smells and tastes more real. TRLT’s walking tours will give you a chance to wander off the beaten track, gaze at known and unknown sights and interact with the locals. It will allow you to have unscripted conversations with strangers or stumble upon secret local haunts. But most exciting of all, these walking holidays will give you an opportunity to leave your stamp on a place and take a bit of it away with you. 
Strap on your boots for walking trips that cross the Himalayas, the Aravalis or the Western Ghats. For those of you who are a little reluctant to “sweat it out” we also offer luxury walking holidays which will take you through organic farms and local villages, quaintly nestled away from the city hustle and bustle.

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