There is no greater lesson in humility than being amidst nature. Whether you decide to walk, hike or trek; the magnificent view of the mountains and the wild animals in their habitat will enthral you. We believe that a trekking adventure is one of the most ideal forms of travelling. A journey by foot forces you to stop and observe, and when you observe is when you actually experience the destination as it should be. 
Trekking in India has not been a very favourable choice for individuals, mainly because of the poor road conditions in remote areas plus lack of amenities. But TRLT makes it possible for you to wander off the beaten track, gaze at unknown sites and have unscripted conversations with the locals, without any of the usual hassles. For those of you hesitant to sweat it out, we suggest a luxury walking holiday which will take you through beautiful organic farms and local villages. 

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-34 Days

The Road Less Travelled welcomes you to its latest initiative - BOND WITH THE MOUNTAINS - trek along the route that takes you through the Hamta circuit exploring the uncommon trek routes off Manali, abundant with exotic scenery, snow capped mountains, silky streams, alpine meadows the trail leads us through apple tree covered valleys, pine forests, streams and meadows making it a superb walk with family

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8 Days

The Road Less Travelled’s latest initiative – TRAIL OF THE PANDAVAS – will take you to a journey back into time. Join us as we retrace the footsteps of the Pandavas, in typical TRLT luxury & style.

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12 Days

Welcome to THE NOMAD TRAIL where we take you into SPITI VALLEY, to a life - of exploration, of a new experience, a new vista & a new perspective each day.  The only stability here is the promise of a certain pattern to the uncertain chaos of life - The pattern of Exploration & Luxury Nomading at all times.

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