Admit it. The only time you’ve interacted with a wild animal up close is when you fed a banana to a monkey at the Zoo. Well, it’s high time you see a wild animal in its natural habitat and not in captivity where they don’t belong. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities, amidst many acres that make up the hundreds of national parks and wildlife vacation options, we get you front row seats to the wildest picture in motion. From interacting with locals who take care of elephants, to tracking a snow leopard hunting for prey in all its glory, we guide you every step of the way. Wildlife adventures in India are so much more than you had imagined. Not only do you get to encounter the unusual in remote spots, you also immerse yourself in the local culture of the habitats that border them.

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9 Days

The Road Less Travelled proudly announces TRAIL OF THE SNOW LEOPARD SEASON 3!!!

Trail will take you to the breathtaking Spiti Valley in search of this feline.

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6 Days

The Road Less Travelled’s latest initiative – THE BLACK PANTHER TRAIL – will take you to the Jungles of Karnataka in search of this most elusive of the big cats!

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