Travel with a passionate bunch of people who believe that experiencing a place is best done by immersing yourself in it.

The Road Less Travelled (TRLT) brings to life celebrated but uncommon destinations. If you've ever longed to travel to beautiful places without giving up the comfort you're used to, then TRLT is for you!

We guide you through the most adventurous or the most relaxing holiday of your life, depending on what YOU want. From relishing the local cuisine to learning lost culinary skills, from unearthing fascinating stories to the small, tucked away souvenir shops, we will take you on the road less travelled and make it an unforgettable journey. By the end, it'll become a part of you rather than something that you would have just seen, photographed and forgotten.

Each holiday you take with us promises you safety, luxury and authenticity. Want to take a road trip with friends or family? Join us on 'The Drive to Discover' and explore new roads, cultures, food but most of all, experiences.

Planning something different for your girlfriend? 'The March of Eve', takes you on an all women trek to the Beas Kund in the Kullu Valley, in the heart of the western Himalayas.

'The Snow Leopard Trail' takes you through the mesmerising Spiti Valley in search of the big cat

Build a better bond with your little ones on a trek to the Panchachuli Base Camp, all with its abundant beauty, snow-capped mountains and meandering streams. This trek promises to teach your children more about nature than they could ever have learned in a classroom.

When we say we design a rare experience suited to your needs, we mean it. So whether you decide to walk, hike, trek, swim or drive, we've got you covered on all fronts! We even have a team of visual experts who will document you and your journey. This will leave you not only with memories of a beautiful place, but also with a recap of all the small or big experiences you've had throughout the journey.

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